About AmCham Uganda

AmCham Uganda Vision

Our vision

To foster a greater cultural understanding, cooperation, and dialogue between Ugandan and American business organizations and professionals to promote strong commercial, economic and trade ties as well as promote investments to Uganda.

AmCham Uganda Strategy

Who We Are

The American Chamber of Commerce in Uganda is a Company limited by guarantee founded in December 2008 by American investors in Uganda with interests in fostering and promoting greater commercial and cultural ties, cooperation, and dialogue between Ugandan and American firms and related professionals. 

We are a member based organization. Our memberships are tailored to the top leadership of firms – either CEO’s or MD’s – and we currently host over 50+ of the country’s top performing firms. 

amCham ganda Mission

Our mission

To bring together a community of USA brands and businesses, US citizens participating in community development in Uganda, and Ugandan-based businesses wanting to do business with the USA in a platform for sharing business, new investment opportunities, and cross-cultural exchange.

AmCham Uganda organizes monthly events for the benefit of its members.

Who can join

Who Can Join

Membership in our association is open to American firms, multinationals, and local firms with strong business ties and interests with the United States.  Qualifications for membership are:

  • Companies licensed and operating in Uganda
  • Subsidiaries, agents or representatives of US companies
  • Ugandan companies with American equity
  • Uganda companies with significant business relationships with the US

Some industries represented in our membership in Uganda include the Banking, Automotive, Energy, Manufacturing, Tourism & hospitality, ICT, Food & Beverage, Telecommunications, Education, Insurance sectors, among others.