Member Services

Information Resource

We have a long standing history doing business in Uganda and can translate international business strategies with local opportunities – we know that in Uganda, things work quite differently than what most business owners expect.

Establish Local Partnerships

When doing business in Uganda, who you know is more powerful than what you know and we know this.

Lobbying Platform on Business Related Issues

As an established Chapter, we have a number of networking events that bring together business professionals, in particular a President’s Club Roundtable and Vice President’s Club that highlights key challenges requiring additional support.

Identification of Local Operators 

One of the most significant challenges in Uganda is identifying the right partner you can trust and who is competent. Through our service, we vet qualified professionals and businesses who can take on these risks.

Market Intelligence & Research Sharing

Our years of experience on the ground and vast networks of current business operations allows us to offer insights into your business.

Regulatory Mapping and Political Strategy

A significantly overlooked aspect of doing business in Uganda is understanding the regulatory and political landscape in deploying resources. Our team can help your business transition into this market with ease.


We will bring in professionals to provide location specific business support in tax, governance, and other areas of interest.

Business Networking

Through our events and trainings, we allow our members to interact with various other associations, networks, and institutions.