Our President Club Member, Sombha Celebrates EID- Al Fitr at Gaddafi National Mosque (Old Kampala Mosque)

On Thursday 13th May, 2021, Our President Club Member, Sombha Solutions Stores proudly celebrated the end of the holy month (Ramadhan) at Old Kampala Ghaddafi National Mosque.  Mr. Haruna Nyanzi, the CEO for the company felt that it was important to provide free Wi- Fi to all Muslims congregants on the day. The ability for people to connect around the world with the help of internet access has brought a great amount of growth and breadth in what is possible!

“We are glad to support communities whose values are precious to us. Knowledge enhancement is one of our core objectives”

Up-to 10,000 Muslims turned up for the morning prayers held between 7: 00AM and 8:00AM. It was such a large crowd that gathered, however the Standard Operating producers (SOP) stipulated by the Government were observed. The Mosque provided paper disposable prayer mats for those who had not come with their own, this was to ensure that each individual was praying from their personal space.

According to the Mosque Imam, this gathering was held after a month-long fasting which is considered the holiest time of the year on the Islamic calendar for the Ummah community. In honour of this significantly growing portion of our community, Sombha Solutions Stores encouraged Muslims to attend prayers at Old Kampala in order to log on to the Free Wi- Fi at The Gadhafi Mosque. The attendees enjoyed the day while upgrading their phones, posting in real-time as well as talking to loved ones.  This was an initiative to ensure that people stay connected with their wider communities.

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