Membership Represents Great Value

Membership in AmCham Uganda represents a great value, from information to networking to advocacy to partnerships. AmCham Uganda is the association you should be a part of.

We Generate Value for Members

We are an information resource for local partnerships and relationships. We create value by improving our visibility via strong partnerships. We build a solid brand for US firms to associate with. We ensure members are doing business with each other. Simply put, we are the premier association to do business with.

We are a Clean Place for Doing Business

We have a pledge for all members to sign, identifying our standards of doing business in Uganda. We do business transparently, using the rule of law, and abiding by contracts. We will not stand for corruption and will voice our concerns to the right channels to address.

We Promote Responsible Leadership

Our brand of leadership is honest, forthright, and forward thinking. We are culturally sensitive and align this with international corporate standards. We believe is setting the bar high and striving for success.

We intend to increase our impact in Uganda by:

  • Expanding our Internal Capacity
  • Growing Membership
  • Delivering Professional & Value Add Services including Training
  • Improving Communication with Members
  • Becoming a more Robust Professional Association via Lobbying & Advocacy