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According to the index, output, new orders, employment and purchasing activity were all up and companies were optimistic for the coming year. That said, inflationary pressures remained evident.

Ades NutriBushera

Century Bottling Company Ltd added another product/drink to its family By introducing Ades NutriBushera into the Coca-Cola Cooler of refreshment drinks.

”We are pleased to have been accepted and recognized as a youth organization that is now part of the AmCham Uganda family. We hope to create partnerships and share in experiences and knowledge with fellow members and also increase our visibility both local and international in terms of networking, getting more partners on board and donors. “ YLEC said in a statement.


These re-seller partners will engage customers with bundled enterprise packages customized for the local market

Ministry of Health Uganda

Abbot Laboratories together with Ministry of Health Uganda announced Major findings from a long observation study that could transform the efficiency of Malaria detection and testing country-wide

t’s important for companies to carefully manage their liquidity. The cash flow plans need to be both short and long term. New out of the box strategies should be thought out for businesses to thrive. Companies that have not looked at the new opportunities and adjusted accordingly are likely to get extinct. Companies need to shift from fixed to transactional contracts, stop the financial bleeding ...


Yesterday, the Minister of Finance, Planning and Economic Development presented to the country the Budget for the Financial Year 2020/21. Please find the highlights of this budget reading below.
The theme for this year’s budget isStimulating the economy to safeguard livelihoods, jobs, business and industrial recovery.
Uganda’s GDP is projected to grow to shs 138 trillion in the forthcoming ...

Despite the slowdown in business across some sectors of the economy all over the world, the Chamber has even found more relevance in being a collective voice of all its members in matters of business interest, policy and advocacy.

We are therefore receiving applications for Membership across any of our two available categories; Vice President Club ($1750) and Resident Business Club ($1000)

The COVID19 Pandemic has left many aspects of business and day to day life in devastation and change. Some change has been highly positive while the other has been negative. Part of this change has been in the Human Resources Departments that has given birth to new dynamics. AmCham Uganda and Ernst & Young led a discussion on these developments and are summarised below

American companies and in particular members of the American Chamber of Commerce continue to support the Government and the People of Uganda in the fight against COVID-19. Contributions have been channeled through the National Taskforce, local communities as well as through favorable business interventions to ease the financial burden. We appreciate the gesture of the following companies