Implementation of these regulations have received mix responses from the public at large due to infrastructure challenges prevailing in the country as well as the expectation of the authority to manage stock module in the system for traders and manufacturers in the country.

It was amazing to see people happy, mingling & breaking the ice. One of the attendees intimated that “It was my first event since lock-down & it was such a breath of fresh air to relate to like-minded people".

“I left Uganda as a teenager and now I am hoping to be able to settle back and this has been motivating me for the past few years. However, America will always be a second home for me because my immediate family reside there,” say Henry Kevin Wava.

In Africa, democracy's progress has been uneven to say the least and to be specific we can zero into a country like Uganda, whose presidential elections are running in parallel to the US.

Did you know that WHERE you vote is more consequential than WHO you vote for in America? Only the U.S. has a system in which voters elect a body of “electors” whose sole function is to actually choose the president.

“First of all I am a foodie, so anything that has to do with food, I am all for it.” She says. As an efficiency expert Meg’s goal is to internationalize the flavors that Ugandan farmers have to offer.

Youth Leading Environmental Change (YLEC) is a Ugandan based organisation whose program focus areas are Climate Change, Clean Energy, Food Security, Environmental Art and technology as well as Waste Management.

Image Courtesy of Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen

Since serving its first meal to 35 people in October 1982, Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen has opened its doors Monday through Friday, without fail, to feed hungry New Yorkers.

The McKittrick Hotel’s Gallow Green is a fine destination after the immersive “Sleep No More” theatrical experience. Photo courtesy of McKittrick Hotel.

As New Yorkers, we’re proud of our focus and hustle — and why not? That determination to get where we’re going, however, often happens at the expense of looking around to notice and appreciate all the unique things that make living here so “New York.

T. Schreiber Studio for Film & Theatre founder Terry Schreiber, seen here teaching an acting class. A March 27 gala celebrates Schreiber’s 80th year and benefits the Studio. Photo by Gilli Getz.

New York is a city drawn outside the lines — a city that is alive with bold, genuine personalities driven to express themselves.